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Medical Office.gifThis website is currently under construction but will soon be a complete resource for getting your medical practice up and running. The site will not only assist you in building your practice from scratch but assist you in the office design, determining the best technologies to integrate based on which patients you serve as well as explore your best options for funding. We look forward to being of service in the near future. Please feel free to contact us at j.delacruz@comcast.net if you have any immediate needs with starting your medical practice.  You may also contact us at 843.697.1707.  Thank you.
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It is important to create an environment for your patents that is both inviting and professional while maximizing the patient flow, efficencies and have room to expand your services.

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Our devoted network of experienced professionals are not only focused on helping you get your practice started we remain committed the continued success and  growth of your practice. 
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